Our group of clinicians at Pine River believe that psychotherapy is both an art and a science. The science of psychotherapy provides us with an array of therapeutic techniques, and the art of developing, tending and committing to a caring, professional therapeutic relationship is really at the core of effective psychotherapy. We also share a common philosophy here at Pine River that comprises the following points.

  1. We understand psychotherapy as the process of helping people to realize their full potential for happiness, fulfillment and wellbeing.

  2. We believe that psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship; that as therapists we are students as well as teachers, respectfully learning about each person in depth and how we can best be of help.

  3. We believe in treating the whole person in the full context of his or her life; interpersonal relationships, families and communities.

  4. We have a deep and abiding respect for human experience in all its variations.

  5. We seek to strengthen our clients, metropolitan Atlanta, and the state of Georgia by offering clinical services to all populations, with particular welcome to those persons who have been historically excluded from Western mental health spaces. We enrich and are enriched when we are intentionally connected with clients, colleagues, vendors, and businesses that represent the breadth and depth of human experiences. 

  6. We strive to honor the dignity, autonomy, and worth of each person, and we acknowledge doing so requires us to be willing to accept some relational discomfort. We honor the tension involved in co-creating such a space with our clients and colleagues alike.

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