Pine River Office
Pine River Office

At Pine River Psychotherapy Associates we offer a wide range of therapies as well as consultation and supervision.

We recognize sources of concern or distress need not only just rest with one person.  While individual therapy (you and your therapist) is often a useful place to begin, therapy can also be done with couples, families, and groups.

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Individual Psychotherapy

There are many reasons that you might choose a therapist.

You may feel sadness, loneliness, anxiety, grief, or frustration. You may be overwhelmed. You may be distressed with a situation in your life, such as difficulty with a relationship, problems dealing with a traumatic event or significant change, or a struggle to control unhelpful or problem behaviors. You may wish to enhance your life and uncover greater passion, fulfillment, integrity, sexual aliveness, purpose, and intimacy.

You know you want to feel better and are looking for compassionate help.

Therapy is a way to get help with problems in living. It is a process of learning about yourself, gaining access to your feelings, and finding clarity. Therapy can assist you in breaking through limitations that are blocking your growth and your capacity for intimacy. Therapy often involves healing from old wounds and trying out new ways of responding to life's demands.

Through the therapy process, you and your therapist form a relationship based on safety and trust. During therapy, you have your therapist's focused attention to gain an understanding of your world: your feelings, thoughts, and important experiences. Your therapist learns what you struggle with and what causes you distress. As therapy proceeds, you and your therapist use this knowledge to engage in removing obstacles to your growth.

Along the way, the therapy relationship itself can provide an opportunity for you to learn more about how you engage in relationships in the outside world. This increased knowledge can then result in opportunities for you to change in other important relationships.

Couples Psychotherapy

  • Difficulty communicating with each other
  • Restoring passion and hope
  • Work, children, and relationship stresses
  • Frequent emotional outbursts
  • Financial problems
  • Broken trust
  • Recovering from affairs/infidelity
  • Sexual disharmony
  • Impact of addiction
  • Collaborative Separation and Divorce

The focus of attention in couples' therapy is not on either person - it's on the relationship.

Your therapist will work with you and your partner, helping you to identify the repetitive, negative patterns of interaction that lead to disharmony and disconnection in your relationship. Each of your will be helped to recognize how your own behavior maintains the unwanted patterns of the relationship. As you become aware of these unwanted patterns, you will learn how to disengage from those patterns and respond to your partner with kindness. Couples' therapy often involves healing old hurts, learning to forgive, and valuing the differences each of your brings to the relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families move in the direction of greater harmony and enjoyment.  Families can benefit from therapy when experiencing any change or transition or situation that causes strain in relationships.  The causes can be wide ranging such as, newly blended families, divorce, loss of a loved one, financial hardships, addiction, mental illness, chronic illness, and food issues, or everyday concerns, like communication problems, interpersonal conflict, parenting challenges or behavioral problems in children and adolescents or mental illness.  A therapist can aid people in improving communication, solving problems, understanding and handling family situations, and creating a better functioning home environment. 

Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is the opportunity to come together with new people for the shared purpose of personal growth. It is different from a social group, because the commitment is to tell the truth in a caring way to help one another achieve therapeutic goals.

Many of the issues that bring people to psychotherapy are connected to relationships. We are social beings.

We were each born in to a family that we did not choose. We had siblings and peer groups, classmates, coworkers, teachers, and bosses. It was our job to learn to survive or thrive in these groups of people. We managed many complex relationships, and developed patterns in doing so.

We bring all of these experiences forward as we choose and create our own families. We find our place in our neighborhood, office, church, and community.

Group therapy is a place to learn about how to enrich our relationships. We may want more intimacy with others. We may want to understand the interpersonal patterns that have been painful or unsatisfying. We may want to learn how to be more fully ourselves in our relationships with others.

Clinical Consultation & Supervision

Helping You to Inspire, Reexamine, Revitalize.

To improve your ability to create rich therapeutic opportunities for your clients, we invite you to consider consultation/supervision at Pine River.

We can help you to recognize, understand, and use your self-awareness in the service of the therapeutic situation.

The relationship between client and therapist is the vehicle for healing and growth. Client and therapist alike experience the journey as a profoundly personal one. Just as the client’s unique strengths, weaknesses, joys, fears, thoughts, feelings, and desires are a critical part of the therapy, so too are these components of the therapist’s life essential to the therapeutic relationship.

Your consultant will encourage you to engage in self-reflection, critical thinking, and contextual awareness. Together with your Pine River consultant, you will productively direct these skills of observation, curiosity, and focus to your client’s situation.

The transformative potential of consultation is in directing these skills inward, deepening your awareness of how your individual history, perspectives, and beliefs shape who you are as a therapist.

We believe that the ultimate goal of consultation is not in prescribing solutions for your client’s problems: the goal is the continuing nurturance, growth and transformation of you, the therapist. Consultation is a professional relationship with profound personal meaning, and we are honored that therapists in all stages of their careers invite us into their clinical lives and professional maturation.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Dr. Marlyne Israelian specializes in the assessment of developmental disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and head injury in both children and adults. Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment of cognitive functioning is available in the following areas: intellectual abilities, academic achievement, attention/concentration, executive functions, memory, language, visual-perceptual skills, visual-motor skills, somatosensory perception and fine motor abilities.

Forensic Evaluation/Consultation

Forensic expertise is offered in trial preparation, voir dire, jury selection, evaluation of malingering, child custody, personal injury, assessment of competence to stand trial, evaluation of criminal responsibility, and sentencing determination.

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