The therapists at Pine River Psychotherapy Associates provide the highest quality psychologi-cal services for a variety of emotional problems and life stressors. Our Clinicians work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. Averaging 20 + years of experi-ence, We are committed to the therapeutic process, and we offer individualized treatment in a respectful, client-centered framework with the goal of helping our clients significantly change their lives.

Curt Avey

Curt Arey L.P.CPsychotherapist

Bob Coyle, Ph.D.

Bob CoylePsychotherapist

Debbara J. Dingman

Debbara J. DingmanPsychotherapist

Bhavana Goel

Bhavana GoelPsychotherapist

Emily Green

Emily GreenPsychotherapist

Hannahg Hawkins

Hannah HawkinsPsychotherapist

Marlyne K. Israelian

Marlyne K. IsraelianPsychotherapist

Louis W. McLeod

Louis W. McLeodPsychotherapist

Ndiya Nkongho

Ndiya NkonghoPsychotherapist

Hannahg Hawkins

Jenice Holtz CunninghamPractice Manager

Jenice is a native Atlantan and has been with Pine River since 2016. She has a business background in banking, nonprofits and senior living. She enjoys traveling, reading and music.

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