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Louis W. McLeodPsychotherapist

Licensed Psychologist, Georgia Board of Psychology Examiners, License, No. 478

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Do you and your partner need better ways to communicate? Do you feel disconnected? Do you lack passion? Are you struggling emotionally? From decades of practicing psychotherapy with a focus on relation-ships, I offer unique insights that empower my clients to identify what’s important to them and to take the needed steps to feel safe, heard, loved, and fulfilled in their lives and in intimate, committed relationships.

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About Louis McLeod

Dr. McLeod joined Pine River Psychotherapy in 1998 after being in individual practice of psychotherapy for twenty-two years. Training in Experiential Psychotherapy at Georgia State University and the Atlanta Psychiatric Clinic, in addition to working in mental health and alcohol treatment centers in At-lanta, provided the foundation for Dr. McLeod’s approach to guiding couples and individuals in their therapeutic journeys. A seasoned couple therapist, he also trained with Dr. Harville Hendrix in Imago Relation-ship Therapy,  ( further deepening his insights into what people yearn to experience in their connections. Dr. McLeod and his wife, Linda McNeely McLeod, LPC, have been offering the Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples ( since 1992. and with Imago Relationship Therapists in Turkey.

Dr. McLeod is a member of Imago Relation-ships North America [hyperlink], the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Psycho-logical

Education and Certifications

Certified Imago Relationship Therapy Con-sultant, 2007

Certified Workshop Presenter for “Getting the Love You Want” Workshop for Couples, 1992

Certified Imago Therapist, 1991

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Georgia State University, 1976.

M.Ed. Counseling Psychology, Georgia State University, 1973

B.A. Religion, Emory University, 1968

How I Can Help: Supporting Relational Journeys

For a majority of us, the gateway to real love begins with infatuation or romantic love with its excitement, energy, and boundless joy. Such love inevitably changes, becoming less exhilarating. It’s not surprising, then, that most of my clients come to me because their relationships lack safety, love, and compassion. They usually express being unable to communicate, feeling disconnected, and lacking passion. (Their inclinations are to inform me of everything that has gone wrong.) What they seek is real love, which can emerge when a couple decides to relate to each other according to their commitment to the relationship. When couples work with me, they develop new ways of communicating to give what their beloved needs in order to risk intimacy. I specialize in working with couples who want this to be their relational journey as well as with individuals who desire to be in a committed, love relationship.

Practicing Imago Relationship couple therapy, I guide couples to identify what they desire in a committed relationship and then to work on increasing positive interactions that create an environment for both to be seen, heard, and validated. 

I further provide therapy for couples who are recovering from infidelity and for couples in which one partner is in recovery from sex addition. I also offer family therapy and individual therapy.   Additionally, I offer consultation for psychotherapists and counselors, including group and individual consultation specifically for Certified Imago Relationship therapists.

Working with Families and Individuals

Many families that experience relationship difficulties with parents, stepparents, and/or siblings often need counseling in-volving adult children and their parents. Marriages, divorces, and remarriages, as well as alcohol and substance abuse, are also common. My approach to family therapy is to help create and support conditions that maximize being heard and understood, while establishing new, more effective ways of relating.

I assist women, men, and young adults who are struggling with difficulties in relation-ships, substance abuse, feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and grief.

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