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Curt Arey, LPCPartner

Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia License No. LPC 7555

Contact at: 404-325-8512 ext. 704

Welcome to my Psychotherapy Practice

One question I am asked about my work, perhaps more than any other, is: “What’s your specialty?” This seemingly simple question stymies me. I think I instinctually resist being pigeon-holed into one course of action. I find it difficult to declare myself a specialist at anything. Except . . . perhaps . . . at being present. Really being there and with you is something at which I excel.

Often, I think the question really being asked is: “With what kind of people do you work?” My answer to that is much simpler; I work with a variety of clientele, including individuals (adolescents and adults), couples, and families in both group and individual settings. I also have experience working with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, life’s transitions, childhood and recent traumas, various other problems with living, and addiction in its many forms.

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About Curt Arey

Curt has been practicing as a psychotherapist in private practice for over a decade. He has also worked in inpatient treatment settings. After receiving his Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of West Georgia in 2010, receiving the Certificate of Humanistic Praxis, he completed his Residency at Heartwork Counseling Center. His professional home is the American Academy of Psychotherapists (AAP), to whom he devotes the bulk of his professional volunteer time as he finds it to be the best venue for developing the person of the therapist. He is a former Scholar of the Academy (2010), frequent presenter at AAP conferences, former Chair of the Southern Region Committee, Co-Chair of the 2017 I&C, and member of the Ethics Committee. He is also an avid cyclist.

Education and Certifications

MA Psychology, University of West Georgia, 2010

BS Psychology, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 1998

Healing in Relationship

A key component of the therapy we will enter into together is the relationship between therapist and client, between you and me. I utilize a person-centered approach, which means that our sessions will start with you and your needs. Together, we will explore the issues that you bring to counseling in a holistic way, with emphasis on emotional and personal history perspectives, as well as how those perspectives are affecting you in the present moment (right here-right now). I will do my best to model kind, positive, boundried, here-and-now interpersonal interactions, and to stay as much out of the way as ethically possible, encouraging and allowing you to discover the abilities within you to do the work. 

How I can help

This component of our work together is directed at providing you with the tools and insights that will help you with your concerns and goals. Again, this will involve your active participation in sharing your “story”, exploring feelings and sometimes doing projects outside of sessions such as reading, journaling, drawing/painting, information gathering or making changes (homework, if you will). Very often, what you want will become clearer to you as you are able to talk about your feelings in a place of acceptance. This opportunity to explore and examine your experiences can lead to a clarity that enhances your insight and ability to make healthy and necessary changes in your life. In this way, you learn to access trust and use your own internal resources for well-being and health. You also learn to identify and reach for helpful resources and persons outside yourself.

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