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Bob CoylePsychotherapist

Licensed Psychologist, Georgia Board of Psychology Examiners License No. 755

Welcome to My Psychotherapy Practice

Welcoming individuals and couples, I form a therapeutic alliance with my clients and move forward. My psychotherapy practice focuses on addressing men’s issues from young adulthood through later life; recovering from addiction; healing from loss; and fostering connection within couples and in other intimate systems.

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About Bob Coyle

Dr. Coyle earned both his master’s degree in psychology and doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia State University. In addition to working with individuals, couples, families, and groups, he provides ongoing consultation to psychotherapists and psychologists. Licensed as a Psychologist and a Certified Sex Addition Therapist, Dr. Coyle has given numerous presentations on topics related to addiction and renewal. 

Education and Certifications

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Georgia State University, 1981

M.A. Psychology, Georgia State University, 1976

B.A.Cultural Anthropology, University of Kansas, 1971

Our Work Together

Many of my clients come to me with concerns about their use of mood-altering substances or activities. Counseling and psy-chotherapy can be useful at many points along the path of recovery, including helping an individual gain the clarity and motivation necessary to continue the process of recovery. Often, those who are newly sober must deal head-on with memories, feelings, and dysfunctional relationships that compelled their desire to be numb in the first place. Without external support and guidance, the likelihood of relapse increases. 

More Curiosity, Less Judgement

Disconnection is a way that we protect ourselves from emotional pain, often in response to early experiences of abandonment or loss of autonomy. I seek to foster my clients’ curiosity concerning how they are struggling with disconnection from self and others.

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