Pine River Office
Pine River Office

Pine River Psychology Associates operates as a private psychotherapy practice of respected professionals, each with specialized credentials. Averaging 20 years of experience, we work with individuals, couples, families, and groups through our Atlanta office.

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The Value of Longevity 

Unlike most private practices that dissolve because people retire or move on, Pine River Psychotherapy Associates endures as Atlanta’s oldest private psychotherapy practice. Why? We’ve remained true to the visionary framework that our founders established in the 1970s.

Our serene, inviting office environment fosters a collaborative, client-centered culture. Gaining from one another’s perspectives, we meet regularly to pool our professional expertise and resources. Over the years, we’ve also been strategic in recruiting the latest generation of top psychotherapists to our practice. Consequently, as a client, you can benefit from our shared insights.

Our enduring commitment to helping our clients realize their full potential explains the longevity of Pine River Psychology Associates. We welcome your inquiries regarding what this could mean for you.

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Seven independent practices.One shared vision.


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