Established in 1976, Pine River Psychotherapy Associates is among the longest continuous association of private psychotherapy practitioners in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Ten psychologists with an average of twenty five years post doctoral experience; we strive to offer the highest quality clinical services. These include individual, group and couples psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children. Psychological assessment, corporate and executive consultation and forensic services are also offered.

Committed to the training of psychotherapists, experiential education to the professional community is provided through the Pine River Psychotherapy Training Institute. We also volunteer our expertise and services in a variety of community settings.


Philosophy that We Share in Each of Our Individual Practices.

1. We understand psychotherapy as the process of helping people to realize their full potential for happiness, fulfillment and well being.

2. We believe that psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship; that as therapists we are students as well as teachers, respectfully learning about each person in depth and how we can best be of help.

3. We believe in treating the whole person in the full context of his or her life; interpersonal relationships, families and communities.

4. We have a deep and abiding respect for human experience in all its variations.
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