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Ndiya Nkongho, Ph.D.

Phone: 404-325-8512 Ext: 729

“Should I stay in this situation or leave?”
“How can I get through this?”
“If things don’t change, what am I going to do?”
“Why do I feel this way?”

How do you deal with the important questions in your own life?

These questions—and your responses to them—hint at what deeply matters to you in your relationships, work, life, community, and world. As powerful and personal as your questions are, you do not have to face them in isolation. It is in our relationships that we experience the hurt, harm, and healing that shapes our lives. As a therapist, I respect the questions that bring you into my office and respect the ways in which those questions (and answers) affect you and important others in your life.

As a clinical psychologist, I help people create intentional, joyful, and fulfilling lives by adhering to this basic therapeutic approach:

I work collaboratively with clients to establish a trusting, safe, nonjudgmental environment during each session.
I support people as they define, clarify, and explore the questions that matter in their lives.
I encourage people to examine their past and present patterns of relationship and behavior and, if they choose, courageously experiment with new ways of being.

I work with individual adolescents (over the age of 13) and adults and have particular expertise in addressing relationship challenges, trauma, and indecision around important choices.



Ph.D., 2006
Clinical Psychology, Georgia State University

M.S., 2001
Clinical Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

A.B. with Honors, 1999
Religious Studies, Brown University

A.B., 1999
Psychology, Brown University


Licensed Psychologist, State of New York (#017372)

Licensed Psychologist, State of Georgia (#3297)


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