March 15, 2011


Bernhard Kempler, Ph.D., ABPP

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, Licensed  Clinical Psychologist in the State of Georgia,
I earned my BA in psychology from Brandeis University in 1958, where I  studied humanistic psychology under Abraham Maslow. I received my Ph.D.  in clinical and developmental psychology in 1964 from Clark University  in Worcester, MA. In my teaching, research, writing, consulting, and  clinical practice I have consistently been informed by a humanistic,  phenomenological, and growth oriented approach.

For  many years, while teaching in the graduate programs of Emory University  and Georgia State University, I maintained a private clinical practice.  Since leaving  the university six years ago I have been in full time practice of psychotherapy and consultation to business and other organizations. I  work with adult individuals, with couples, and with groups. In my work I  stress the importance of deep listening, of the here-and-now  relationship with my client, and of the creative expression of  unconscious processes in dreams and imagery.
In the past several years I have worked with many couples, who are either in crisis or are  attempting to negotiate important transitions in a long-term relationship.

I have become convinced that each person has his or her unique optimal way of confronting and working though personal/emotional difficulties. Consequently, my approach has become increasingly tailored to each client and less and less theoretical, ideological, or technique  based.

As a Holocaust survivor, who grew up in Poland and Sweden and then  immigrated to the United States, I have become interested in human  resilience, particularly in the face of severe trauma. I understand  these issues both from the perspective of my personal experience and  from my humanistic growth orientation. These perspectives have proved useful for me in the trauma relief work I have done in Bosnia for the  past five years and, more recently, with Katrina evacuees in Little Rock, Arkansas

Every person is a unique "experiment" in the great enterprise of  living a human life. My objective in all my work is to recognize,  acknowledge, and cooperatively promote this process towards its most  creative expression. I feel privileged to do work that is forever fresh and that always deals with the essential challenges of living.


Individual psychotherapy with adults
Couples therapy
Group psychotherapy with adults
Consultation to business and other organizations, including staff development programs.
Psychotherapy training and consultation for mental health professionals.




Ph.D., 1964. Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Clark University, Worcester,MA

M.A., 1960.  Psychology, Clark University, Worcester, MA

B.A., 1958.  Psychology, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA


Licensed Psychologist, Georgia Board of Psychology Examiners, License, No. 180

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)




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