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1145 Sheridan Road, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324
Tel. (404) 325-8512
Fax (404) 325-8733


Two-Day Workshop:
with New York Times
best-selling author,
Dr. Ian Kerner.
Friday & Saturday,
January 29-30, 2021.



Our therapists are here to help
you create a rich and meaningful

Curt Arey, LPC

MIMichael Barnett
Michael Barnett, LPC

Bob Coyle, Ph.D.

Debbara Dingman, Ph.D.

Emily Green
Emily Green, LPC

Marlyne Israelian, Ph.D.

Louis W. McLeod, Ph.D.

Ndiya Nkongho, Ph.D.


Avrum G. Weiss, Ph.D.

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Pine River Psychotherapy Associates

Located in the heart of Atlanta, the therapists at Pine River Psychotherapy Associates provide the highest quality adult, child, adolescent, couple, and family psychological services for a variety of emotional problems and life stressors.

We are six psychologists and three licensed professional counselor averaging 20 years of experience. We are committed to the therapeutic process, and we offer individualized treatment in a respectful, client-centered framework with the goal of helping our clients significantly change their lives.

We believe that psychotherapy is both an art and a science. The science of psychotherapy provides us with an array of therapeutic techniques, but the art of the therapeutic relationship is the core of effective psychotherapy.

Situated in an elegant, serene and private setting in the metropolitan Atlanta area, we are easily accessible to Interstates 85, 75, and 285 as well as Georgia 400. For directions to our office please click here for our
contact information.


1. We understand psychotherapy as the process of helping people to realize their full potential for happiness, fulfillment and well being.

2. We believe that psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship; that as therapists we are students as well as teachers, respectfully learning about each person in depth and how we can best be of help.

3. We believe in treating the whole person in the full context of his or her life; interpersonal relationships, families and communities.

4. We have a deep and abiding respect for human experience in all its variations.

Making the Choice for Therapy

Why would I seek out therapy?

There are many reasons that you might choose to see a therapist.

You may feel sadness, loneliness, anxiety, grief, or frustration. You may be overwhelmed. You may be distressed with a situation in your life, such as difficulty with a relationship, problems dealing with a traumatic event or significant change, or a struggle to control unhelpful or problem behaviors. You may wish to enhance your life and uncover greater passion, fulfillment, integrity, sexual aliveness, purpose, and intimacy.

You know you want to feel better and are looking for compassionate help.

Therapy is a way to get help with problems in living. It is a process of learning about yourself, gaining access to your feelings, and finding clarity. Therapy can assist you in breaking through limitations that are blocking your growth and your capacity for intimacy. Therapy often involves healing from old wounds and trying out new ways of responding to life's demands.

Through the therapy process, you and your therapist form a relationship based on safety and trust. During therapy, you have your therapist's focused attention to gain an understanding of your world: your feelings, thoughts, and important experiences. Your therapist learns what you struggle with and what causes you distress. As therapy proceeds, you and your therapist use this knowledge to engage in removing obstacles to your growth.

Along the way, the therapy relationship itself can provide an opportunity for you to learn more about how you engage in relationships in the outside world. This increased knowledge can then result in opportunities for you to change in other important relationships.

What kinds of therapy are available?

Therapy often involves two people: you and your therapist. Therapy can also be done with couples, families, and groups. Couples therapy helps people develop intimacy and learn better methods for communicating. Family therapy helps families move in the direction of greater harmony and enjoyment. Group therapy gives its members a chance to gain support from others and try out new interpersonal skills with help from the other group members and group leaders.

Many of our clients come to us looking for help in the following areas:

Marital Dissatisfaction
Divorce and Separation
Family-of-Origin Issues
Remarried Family
Assertiveness Training
Communication Issues

The Decision to Have Children
Parenting Issues
College-Graduate School Adjustment
Failure to Launch
Employment Transitions
Making Health Related Behavioral Changes
Empty Nest
Aging Parent

Grief and Loss
Post Traumatic Stress
Trauma, Abuse, and Assault
Emotional Abuse
Vicarious Trauma

Finding Life Balance
Stress Management
Positive Psychology
Emotional Intelligence
Impostor Phenomenon
Lack of Motivation
Interpersonal Skills

Bicultural Concerns
Cross Cultural Concerns
Gay and Lesbian Concerns
Identity Exploration
Interfaith Concerns
Personal Growth

Sexual Vitality
Sexual Incompatibility
Lack of Desire

Recovery and 12 Step Process
Drug Addiction
Sex Addiction
Internet Addiction
Relapse Prevention
Addictive/Compulsive Behaviors

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Panic Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Social Anxieties and Phobias
Bipolar Disorder

Compulsive Eating
Restricted Eating

Developmental Delay
Learning Disabilities
Adolescent Adjustment
Attention Deficit Disorder
Parenting Skills
ADHD in Adults

E-mail us for more information on all of our services.

Pine River Psychotherapy Associates is not a partnership or joint venture.It is an unincorporated association of practitioners, each of whom is an independent contractor.

Communication with a therapist or staff member at The Pine River Psychotherapy Associates, does not by itself create a client-therapist relationship or constitute the provision or receipt of psychotherapy. Any communication from a therapist or staff member should be considered informational only, and should not be relied or acted upon until a formal client-therapist relationship is established pursuant to a written agreement.


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